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Network Support

Securing your business network infrastructure is certainly a challenge and requires expert Network support provider. Threats of Network Infrastructure Security breach, unwanted intrusions, catastrophic loss of important data etc., which lead to fatality and irrevocable loss of business operations. If network infrastructure device access is compromised, the security and management of the entire network can be compromised. It is absolutely critical to establish the complete controls in order to prevent unauthorized access to IT infrastructure security devices.

LAN And WAN Security

Champa Enterprise is one of the leading Network Support Service providers across London. Our network support portfolio includes LAN, WAN and IP Telephony security incorporating all the leading network vendors including Cisco, WatchGuard, HP, Nortel, IBM, HP and Sonic Wall.

Champa Enterprise a Vientiane based network support company, not only protects your network and proprietary information from unwanted intrusions, but also helps customers prevent catastrophic loss of important data. We will all your customers to configure security access policies and enforcing them is the first step in securing your IT Infrastructure.

Unified Threat Management

  • Application Control

  • APT Blocker

  • Botnet Detection

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • DNS Watch

  • Gateway Antivirus

  • Geo Location

  • Patch/Update

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Mobile Security

  • Spam Blocker

  • Policies and Procedure

  • Web Blocker

Since GDPR introduction, data security has become even more important challenges for IT administrators, Information security also known as network security is an on-going challenge in the work place and business data has never been more valuable.

Vulnerability scanning and proper firewall maintenance enable us to safeguard your network and eliminate possible security risks. With a well-planned and implanted policy, malicious attacks on your network can be prevented from network support company London. As virus threats and worms continue to penetrate the Web, a strong protection policy is warranted to keep the network from being infected. We stay abreast of the vulnerabilities and warnings, and our engineers design specific strategies to lower risk and exposure within your company.

With an assurance to protect your vital data, Champa Enterprise has all that your company needs, from tools to expertise, in safeguarding your network.

Contact us today if you have concern about your business Network Support or Business Network Infrastructure Security.

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