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The World Bank's Lao PDR priority skills for growth project Event with Champa Enterprise,.

Thank you for the invitation to The World Bank IT Assessment Event and also for the warm welcome and hospitality my staff and I received during the whole event. I know that all the team is delighted with the experience and looking forward to seeing you at a future meeting.

Personally speaking, I would like to say that I was most pleasantly surprised with your subject for which I am enormously grateful. I took away with me an unbeatable souvenir (Valuable Discussion) and you can be sure that I will make full use of it.

I would also like to mention that Dr. Chan LEE from The Seoul National university, Korea, Ms. Thara Beteille, Senior Economist from The World bank, Washington DC, and Mr. Kenichi Nishikawa Chavez, Senior Economist from The World bank, your choice of topics that will highly motivated to TVET, Laos and Skill Development Centers and IT companies for the subject was absolutely spot on.

The participants from the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MoLSW) shared and discussed their ideas and plans with the experts from the IT Industry about to curriculum revision and development.

Champa Enterprise would very happy to participated and shared the current situation in IT workforce to develop the community in IT sector particularly, Modern technology such as hardware Support expertise, Software development, AI, Machine Learning etc.,

How was your experience with the event?

We have participated with them on several occasions and they have always impressed us.

Only one strong point, 0% compromise applicable when we plan to curriculum revision and development .

I hope you achieved the goals you established and thank you once again for the invitation.

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